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Brought to you by the number 33. May 29, 2010

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OK. So I’m 33 tomorrow. That’s the same age as Jesus. He had done one or two more things in his life than I have, but things ended rather abruptly for him at this point, and I hopefully have a few years left, so there’s time for more stuff.

I’ve been lax with the blog, for which my apologies. Turns out I’m not the most frequent blogger.  But its quality over quantity that’s important people, so hang in there.   I’ve been busy. Busy with my family, and busy working too. I’m back working for myself, writing policy, writing presentations, writing anything really, with a little business analyst work thrown in for good measure.  You can see my work on www.policypeople.co.nz if you’re interested.

So the baby is in daycare, and loving it. That ‘baby’, who is nearly one now and quite the big boy. Everyone else is fine, if you don’t count a broken arm (master 4).  Life is busy.  It seems like time is racing by like a kid on roller skates and I’m growing up.  What makes me feel older anything is the fact that I have a SEVEN year old (nearly).   That’s crazy. I’ve been married for 12 years. That’s crazy too. 33, 1, 4, 7, 12. I should buy a lotto ticket, but I bet I don’t.  Lately I’ve been ‘winning’ $12 by not buying one as I walk by. It’s a guaranteed win – try it.

So I’m 33 in 3 hours. It’s quite grown up, and old and all, but thankfully I still have some living to do. In my world, every day is an adventure and a challenge, with something to be achieved in it. I like trying new things, and making up challenges.  I ‘ran’ a half marathon to see if I could. I cram a lot into each day. I love doing the most, the best, that I can. I am pretty intolerant of people who don’t do their best, be all they can be. Not only is it boring, it’s wasteful. You only get one shot at life, and you need to grab it by the balls and make the most of it. I think I do. But there’s always more to be done, to be seen, to be realised. I often wish you could have more than one life.

If I got another shot, I would have been a doctor.  I’d be a GP, and I’d have loved it. Trouble is, I never did sciences at school, so I never ended up pointed in that direction. But my god I would have loved medicine.   And yes, I have looked at starting now. But it’s 13 years to get right through, and while I would still have some working life, the investment doesn’t stack up. And there’s those kids I have who need raising. And I make a good living from my work now. So meantime I watch Greys, and House, and chat with my awesome GP about interesting medical stuff, and live vicariously through my clever sister, who is an A and E nurse. She’s pretty cool.

What would you do if you got another shot? And what holds you back from doing that now?

See you on the stairs.  I’ll be the one who is 33.



6 Responses to “Brought to you by the number 33.”

  1. If 32 was a good year. 33 is definitely a great number. In case you didn’t know….
    ’33’ (three-three) is a Nigerian produced brand of beer.
    A normal human spine has 33 vertebrae when the bones that form the coccyx are counted individually
    33 is the coming of age of a hobbit in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings
    So on that note, You’re now of age, to drink beer and lie on your back. Celebrate, enjoy and have a lovely day. Happee Birfday, Cath
    Y xoxo

  2. A Says:

    Happy Birthday Cath!
    33 is not old, unless you are in your 20’s thinking about how hard it must be to be over 30. You’d have made a great GP. I find myself now closer to 43 than 33 – now that’s scary, time is short and I have much to do! I’m glad not to be 33 any more. It was the worst year and one of the best years of my life.
    If I had another shot, I’d love my husband sooner and better. I’d have had my children much sooner, I want to be a young grandparent and probably won’t be.
    I wanted once to be a child advocate lawyer – but every one of them that I have met have been entirely useless and I’d like to be able to make an impact which it appears they can’t. As a child I wanted to be an air hostess but alas, was not blessed with enough height but I continue to have the upmost respect for those overworked souls. At high school I wanted to be a marine biologist, but I hate sea cucumbers and would refuse to measure them. When I win the lottery, yip, occasionally buy tickets, I’m going to be a stay at home mum. I am going to hang out with my parents more, they’re actually smarter than I thought, and they are running out of time. I’m going to enjoy the company of those that sooth my soul with their joy of life. But until then, I’ll continue on the sprint we call the rat race, and read blogs to check in with reality every now and again.
    Thanks Cath, and enjoy your celebrating

  3. Anna Says:

    Great blog Cath, happy birthday! At various stages I have wanted to be a doctor and a teacher but I went with lawyer – the pull of family tradition is too strong. If I had another shot maybe I would go down the medical/bioethics track I nearly took post-grad – but at my all grown up age of 22 decided the real job with money was the better option. Sigh.

  4. Alison Says:

    Aww. You’re pretty clever yourself. I started out thinking I would work in fashion, and have ended up cleaning up poop and saving people from themselves. So I think I have crammed a lot in, too! And a big *nod* and thoughtful “mmm” to the wastefulness.

  5. theharridan Says:

    I tagged you too!

  6. Eleanor Cater Says:


    Would you be interested in me posting a link to your blog via the Parents Centre facebook page? Huggies.co.nz would also link into parenting blogs – are you at all keen to do this?
    Let me know your thoughts.
    Thanks and regards
    Eleanor Cater
    Parents Centres New Zealand Inc
    T: 233 2022 x 805

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